November 4, Kuala Lumpur – LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS is set to take part in the exclusive store deal namely “LEFTRIGHT KONGSI TERANG”. Soon to be launched on 11.11.18 (12:00PM, 11 November 2018), the exciting promotions invite all LEFTRIGHT members, existing customers and newly interested individuals to purchase at their store at a discounted price.

LEFTRIGHT offer hundreds of unique items from multiple brands for all avid shoppers who visit LEFTRIGHT concept store. The collections and items are tastefully curated and hand-picked, vary from heritage aesthetic of pre-loved items to exclusively high-quality limited edition goods. Some of the available brand items include tees, sneakers, caps and accessories from Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Bianca Chandon, Anti Social Social Club, Awake, BAPE, Cav Empt among many other esteemed brands.

Photo above: FABS @ Mr. LEFTRIGHT, welcomes everyone to their concept store that offers more than 400 exclusive items

LEFTRIGHT KONGSI TERANG” offers value-for-money deal as every first item purchased at an original price, the next four items at similar or lesser price will be given discounts. These include second item at 10% discount, third item at 20% discount, fourth item at 30% discount and fifth item at 40% discount in a single receipt. What is unique about LEFTRIGHT KONGSI TERANG deal is that the customers can share the discount value with anyone in the store during the purchase. The deal is valid for in-store purchase only at LEFTRIGHT concept store located on the first floor shop in Rampai Business Park, Kuala Lumpur. LEFTRIGHT visitors will gain the opportunity to hand-select high quality original items, from street wear to high street renowned brands that are available at the concept store, strictly on a first-come first-serve basis, with no reservation allowed or entertained.

Photos above: LEFTRIGHT KONGSI TERANG deal with T&Cs applied

“Ever since our official store opening on 07.07.18, we have been serving many customers and have received many supports. We would like to thank everyone, and at the same time inviting more people to come and visit our store. For this special date, 11.11.18, the ‘Kongsi Terang’ is an initiative based on something that I personally believe in: to share our good products with our customers in our store where they can come in a group to enjoy more discounts, or simply just share the discount value with new friends in our store, this way we can make new friends and enjoy the best deals with more purchase,” says FABS @ Mr. LEFTRIGHT, Founder of LEFTRIGHT.

“Say for instance, two customers intend to purchase two items each priced at RM100 per item, each of them will only get 10% discount for the second item (total price after discount is RM190 for one person, total saving RM10), however if both combine the purchase, they will receive up to 30% discounts (total price after discount is RM340 for both, total saving RM60 for two person). This is definitely more valuable in terms of the discount price, and new friendships with our customers,” he explained briefly about the deal.

The details can be found on LEFTRIGHT Official Instagram and Facebook Page with the special hashtag #LEFTRIGHTKONGSITERANG for more updates and stories.

The LEFTRIGHT KONGSI TERANG deal is subjected to their respective Terms and Conditions, with all items made final upon payment.


LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS encompasses the versatility of equal interventions, derived from the idea that everything in life equates in finding the right balance. It is a place for self-expression, intuitive fashion and eclectic way of dress. We aspire to build a bridge that connects people of unique minds, likes, tastes, styles and diverse cultural background to embrace the quirk of individual identity. The collections and items are tastefully curated and hand-picked, from heritage aesthetic of pre-loved items to exclusively high-quality piece of fabric to suit your essential lifestyle. We are your trusted and twisted lifestyle connoisseur, daring you to break the norm and embrace the curiosity inside you. For more info about the brand, visit www.leftright.my or email us at whatup@leftright.my

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