8 July 2018, Kuala Lumpur – LEFTRIGHT (www.leftright.my), an online menswear lifestyle connoisseur, officially opened the door of its first concept store on the 7th July 2018 located in Kuala Lumpur, marking a historic milestone for the rising menswear lifestyle store. Located on the first floor shop in Rampai Business Park, Kuala Lumpur, the store featured a variety of exclusive products and from street wear and high street renowned brands.

FABS @ Mr. LEFTRIGHT welcomes the guests in front of the store entrance
The cosy look inside of the store from the entrance glass door

The new concept store exudes a mix of sophistication and modern pandemonium which speaks loudly of what the brand is all about. The interior is defined by rustic wooden table with steel legs, harmonious with the futuristic design of the metal frame windows. With two massive metal cabinets storing exclusive tees from Supreme (New York), “Off-White”, Palace (London), Patta (Amsterdam), Bape (Japan), Awake (NY), Bianca Chandon (NY) and more, the store is completed with an aesthetic corner of sneakers and caps on display featuring the likes of Nike x Off White collections, Adidas, Patta, Supreme, Cav Empt, Neighborhood, BAPE, Vans, Takashi Murakami & more.

The store has a minimal yet flexible to create more space for guests to browse
Guests were checking out the products available in the store
A huge 16’ x 8’ wall featured an unconventional and unique display of the products
An array of clothes arranged nicely on the display rack

The launch was graced by the presence of close friends and families as well as like-minded, OG sneakerheads from KLKix, The Dosage, as well as newly-made acquaintances. The numerous branded items featured in the store were all 100% authentic and original pieces tastefully curated by none other, FABS @ Mr. LeftRight himself.

Customers are spoiled with choices of caps in different shapes and colours
The spiral rack featuring a range of vibrant, colourful tees
Some of the most hyped and limited sneakers are for sale
The accessories is often underrated, but should never be underestimated
The store was packed with guests during the official launch speech by FABS

“I founded LEFTRIGHT (as an idea, and my personal philosophy) many years ago. It derived from my belief that everything has two sides; the order and chaos, the harmony. I have always dreamed of starting a creative project such as this but never got around (and the courage) to start something, mainly because I was not from the creative background although I’m always intrigued and inspired by arts and culture. When we started our online business just September last year, our aim was to bridge the gap between these hard-to-get brands but slowly we want to become the trusted and twisted (in terms of uniqeness & individuality) personal lifestyle connoisseur in KL and subsequently in Malaysia and South East Asia, where all these brands are not easily accessible to the consumers in this part of the world. When this opportunity came about, we decided to leap and let this idea come to life,” said FABS, when speaking about his idea and his vision.

Guests couldn’t help themselves from checking out some of the rarest sneakers
The products are all personally handpicked by FABS from various places globally

“With our online presence via our official website (launched at the same time) and the physical store, we now carry more than 400 unique items from multiple brands and our customers can purchase it with confidence via the website with secure online payment system from anywhere in the world or they can come and to our store to see the items themselves. We are also working on a consignment concept so more people can come and buy/sell/trade using our platform and at the store. Truly, this project is really about the sense of community that I was very involved in since I was a teenager,” added him.

LEFTRIGHT website offers customers who prefer seamless online shopping experience
FABS is always on the internet to search for the best products for the store


Many products offered are also suitable for women with style
Wide range of watches, keychains, bags and even limited edition stickers to choose

A unique lifestyle destination, LEFTRIGHT Originals store provides customer an easy access to attain exclusive limited edition goods from decadent brands. Some of the very rare pieces include the Nike x Off White Collections, Takashi Murakami x Virgil Abloh Exhibition Tee for Gagosian Paris (limited to 400 pcs worldwide), Colette x Off White for Complexcon 2017 (Hand screen printed and rumored to be only 2-3 pieces ever produced worldwide), and Vans x Takashi Murakami Complete Collection, to name but a few.

Extremely rare Colette x Off White handmade tee displayed in the store
Exclusively tee signed by Virgil Abloh (Off-White, Louis Vuitton)

Keeping in line with the founder’s commitment to increasing the enjoyment of embracing your true identity, the concept store is the perfect hangout place for people from all walks of life to gather, be inspired and express their inner style.

Some of the OGs from KLKix, The Dosage and close friends of FABS & LEFTRIGHT
A gathering is not complete without the circle of kicks
LEFTRIGHT family who have been embarking on the movement for many years
LEFTRIGHT Exclusive Store Tee launched on the day

The store opens five days a week from 2pm – 10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 12pm – 9pm on Saturday & Sunday, and closed on Monday and Thursday. However, any guests or visitors can contact them via WhatsApp or Email to set an appointment. For additional information, kindly visit www.leftright.my or email us at whatup@leftright.my for any inquiries.


LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS encompasses the versatility of equal interventions, derived from the idea that everything in life equates in finding the right balance. It is a place for self-expression, intuitive fashion and eclectic way of dress. We aspire to build a bridge that connects people of unique minds, likes, tastes, styles and diverse cultural background to embrace the quirk of individual identity. The collections and items are tastefully curated and hand-picked, from heritage aesthetic of pre-loved items to exclusively high-quality piece of fabric to suit your essential lifestyle. We are your trusted and twisted lifestyle connoisseur, daring you to break the norm and embrace the curiosity inside you. For more info about the brand, visit www.leftright.my or email us at whatup@leftright.my

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 2pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 9pm
*Closed on Monday & Thursday

32-1 Jalan Rampai Niaga 4,
Rampai Business Park
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Website: www.LEFTRIGHT.my
Whatsapp: +60122129270