Kuala Lumpur, June 12th 2018 – The launch of the fashion cum lifestyle e-commerce website, LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS marked the first of many milestones for the brand. Just launched on June 7th 2018, the website (https://www.leftright.my) went live to offer quick and easy access to the latest news and update on fashion, brands, designers and lifestyle. It is part of the brand’s on-going efforts to connect and reach out to more like-minded people, especially the fashion enthusiasts.

Created with the ultimate user experience in mind, LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS aims to provide a site that includes trusted e-commerce avenue, lifestyle and fashion blog, a vast array of limited edition apparels and authentic piece of clothing. The e-commerce website allows consumers to purchase a range of local and international branded goods – from tops, caps, and shoes to grooming essentials, jewelleries and many more. Some of the exclusive brands and limited items that are up for grabs are Supreme, Nike, Adidas, BAPE, Palace, Patta, Bianca Chandon, Awake, Undercover, Maharishi and many more to come.


LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS operates by the philosophy of embracing individual identity. The new website serves as a platform for people of colourful backgrounds to unite and interact in one harmonious voice. The ‘consignment’ feature available on the website allows its members to sell their hype items to other interested consumers via the website (email your consignment enquiries at consignment@leftright.my). The e-commerce website offers limited edition branded goods that are hard to come by and a ‘personal shopping’ service for online shoppers.

LEFTRIGHT was founded by Fadly Bakhtiar (or FABS as in Fabulous) some years ago with an inspiration of sharing his personal ideas about fashion and lifestyle, without being too obsessed with any particular brands. “I grew up being a highly curious person and I always get excited and intrigued by new things and ideas. My personal journey in the street wear-lifestyle scene, although not as hardcore as some other people, is more about appreciating diversity, ideas, opinions, collaborations and simply enjoying and respecting differences. I hope that my ideas, my passion and my love for this scene will manifest through LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS. Check us out and let’s make something great together!”

LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of the latest available featured items, business activity, brand milestones, events and weekly lifestyle blog posts. Visitors are welcomed to explore the website and sign up for direct emails from the brand on their website to retrieve the latest news and updates on LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS.


LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS encompasses the versatility of equal interventions, derived from the idea that everything in life equates in finding the right balance. It is a place for self-expression, intuitive fashion and eclectic way of dress. We aspire to build a bridge that connects people of unique minds, likes, tastes, styles and diverse cultural background to embrace the quirk of individual identity. The collections and items are tastefully curated and hand-picked, from heritage aesthetic of pre-loved items to exclusively high-quality piece of fabric to suit your essential lifestyle. We are your trusted and twisted lifestyle connoisseur, daring you to break the norm and embrace the curiosity inside you. For more info about the brand, visit leftright.my or email us at whatup@leftright.my